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Patient Instructions for Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy

Our treatments involve specific pre- and post-procedure instructions for patients. Please take a moment to read through the following instructions to make sure you understand the requirements and have everything you need before and after your appointment.

Pre-Procedure Instructions

  1. Please bring your compression stockings (if you own a pair) and a pair of shorts to your treatment session. Be prepared to exit with bandages on your legs.
  2. Do not put any lotion or oil on your legs for two days before each treatment session.
  3. Do not shave your legs the morning of your treatment.
  4. If an illness or injury occurs that would interfere with normal walking, please postpone treatment.

Post-Procedure Instructions

  1. Keep the bandages and stockings on until the morning after your treatment session. Remove bandages and stocking to take a quick shower. Do not remove any steri-strips (thin adhesive strips), but allow them to fall of naturally. When you get out of the shower, thoroughly dry your leg and immediately put on your stockings for the remainder of the day. No hot baths for one week.
  2. Wear your support stockings for two weeks, from first thing in the morning until last thing at night (except for brief daily showers).
  3. Resume normal activities today. Walking is strongly recommended.
  4. Resume exercise in three days (no leg weights for two weeks).
  5. Some bruising and tenderness are normal after the procedure. Take Ibuprofen as directed on the bottle to ease any discomfort. If Ibuprofen upsets your stomach, or you have a history of gastrointestinal ulcers/bleeds, take Extra Strength Tylenol as directed on the bottle as an alternative. If the vein becomes hard and knotty, causing significant discomfort, please call our office.
  6. Avoid direct sunlight to treated areas for several weeks or months, until all clots have been resolved and the vein is no longer visible. Otherwise, sunlight can cause discoloration of the treated areas.

If you have any medical questions, call VCU Vein Care at (804) 628-4680 or the Interventional Radiology Department at (804) 828-6986, and ask to speak to someone regarding your vein procedure.

After business hours, please call (804) 828-3699 and ask to speak to a physician regarding your interventional radiology procedure, or call (804) 828-0951 and ask to have the night-imaging on-call resident paged.

Call (804) 828-2600
to schedule a complimentary consultation*

*If you choose to go forward with further diagnostic testing (i.e., ultrasound) during the consultation visit, you will be billed for the testing and a full consultation.

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